Krypton 81

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Music genre: Electro Krypton 81 is formed by Per Lind & Martin Stoffregen. The danish duo is a fusion of DJ and producer joining forces in creating electro music sound and concept. The Inspiration comes from Technology, Occultism and space travel. The sound is dark and melodic and the live act is dynamic, energetic and improvised.

Igors Vorobjovs

Location: Ventspils, LatviaMusic genres: Electro, Techno In 2017 started his own vinyl record label, for many years before - an active figure present in the processes of the local scene both as a musician and a promoter. Past and future releases @:-=Universal Human Underground=- Records In The Dark Again International Deejay Gigolo Records Mechatronica Blind Allies

Distorted Drill

Alessio Trapanese aka Distorted Drill born in 90's in a smallvillage in North Italy. In 2014 he moved in Milan for study at SaeInstitute different disciplines like Audio Engineering, SoundDesign and Electronic Music Production.In love with electronic music since ever, his influences camefrom Gabber Music, Electro Acid from 90's, Breakbeat and oldschool Hip Hop.This is Distorted Drill, a mixed influenced artist that want tosounds like old hits but related to the present sound, realanalogic with distorted and an aggressive impact (stay away ifyou suffer of heartattack).Most inspired artists are Boys Noize, Jensen Interceptor, DJStingray, Analogue Cops, TSVI, Spank Rock, Gabber Eleganza,Lokane and label such as Boysnoize Records, Ninja Tune,Nervous Horizon, Black Acre, Thump Records, Bass Agendaand Mechatronica.

Davide Piras

Shadow and light together are a common sight. Producer, Dj and live-act Davide Piras nourishes his mind from both, thus trying to improve and investigate any possibilities of post-techno and experimental electronic music. Ever since the young autodidact from Northern Italy started producing his own music, his outputs are floating within the irresistible oblivion on the brink of house and techno. The impossibility of classifying his music became Davide’s greatest strength, shaping his rich and diverse path. He turns into Dj Chupacabra when it comes to more playful and housey stuff and puts on 6470’s garment for rough, yet solid and distorted soundscapes. Previous music released on labels like Star Dub, BXR and RTCT.records Davide keeps it underground with more releases in 2019 on outlets like Subwax BCN, Blackaxon, Blind Allies, Carpet&Snares and many more…

Cosmic Monkey

Location: Ventspils, LatviaMusic genres: Techno, Electro Real name: Mr. Janis Leinerts-Neilands Since 1998 usually shares powerful vibrations with Techno and Electro music.Like to play long sets 3 hr.+