ROI With a strong autonomous personality within the clubbing scene, Roi lives away from the madding crowd, surrounded by nature by the sea. From such an Atlantic source of inspiration, the possibility arises of concentrating on seeking expressive ways of atypical production in his approach. Philanthropist 2.0 in his city, passionate about the electronic drive and tireless promoter in constant struggle to maintain the Galician club culture, Roi champions his passionate mission, to a large extent, being an active part of the Fanzine project, which he co-directs together with The Panic Room. Famous for his powerful live sessions, in his you-to-you with the audience distills a whole melting pot of rhythms waving from the light. Elegance and power come together in off-road tracks, full of versatility, where he moves like a fish in water within the chromatic stylistic whirlwind that he cultivates in his overwhelming sonic laboratory. In the songs that define the path sown in his sessions, we can see his…


Location: Utrecht, The NetherlandsMusic genres: Electro, Industrial, Techno Underground peakhour electro for the masses; advanced tools for adventurous DJs. Past and future releases @:Bass Agenda Recordings [United Kingdom]LaserGum [Finland]HillTown Disco [Scotland]Battery Park Studio [Germany]InfaluxThe Public Stand [The Netherlands]Blind Allies [Latvia]

Void Cells

Location: Bristol, United KingdomMusic genres: Techno, EBM, Electronica Whilst a newcomer in the genre, Void Cell’s approach to music is concerned with the fundamentals of humans' sonic perception and interpretation. Subconscious and conscious mental states dictate the aural output that eventually takes the forms of dark and noisy electronica, expressed through hypnotic soundscapes. Vinyl & Digital (past and future) releases @:Blind Allies


Location: Cracow, PolandMusic genres: Techno, Electro, House, Experimental Leaving the hiphop rooted imprint behind, Universo started with some house releases for polish labels such as Oficyna Transatlantyk and Step Recorings, to enter the darker sides of electronic music. His production style and dj sets connects 80’s psychodelic synthesizer sound, with rawness of the 90’s, and some ethnic-percussion feeling. He also runs radio show „Rotacje” in Off Radio Krakow. Past and future releases & remixes @:Oficyna TransatlantykStep RecordingsBreathing RoomMechatronicaTurn It Down MusicPer Musica Ad AstraBlind AlliesZodiaque Tapes

Theory Of Noise

Location: Shanghai, ChinaOrigin: Kiev, Ukraine Science and broken-beats. Delivering music to ALL and Elevator in Shanghai. First release in 2017 was featured on INVERTED AUDIO monthly chart and got to Mixmag Premiers. Co-creator of Mynah podcast and VOLTA events. Past and future releases @:Blind AlliesNeo ViolenceKontainer


Location: Moscow, RussiaGenres: Bass, Techno, Electro, Breakbeat After being a vocalist of hardcore band Rnbws trying to bring an emotional component to his production as an electronic producer. He is constantly in a search of compromise between genres revealing his wide musical background.

Paul Villard

Location: UnknownMusic genres: Electro, EBM, Hellektro, Techno Body Music Buried under tons rubble, Villard was on the brink of death, suffering severe radiation burns, the disfigured doctor donned a metal mask covering his face. Relocating to a new secret lair where operations were resumed in hiding, vowing justice on the ones that had left him to die. He would later discover the tragedy of the gamma accident had left him with strange and unusual superhuman powers and abilities. In June 2019, Villard released his debut EP compound -PROMETHIUM- on Blind Allies. Past and future releases @:Applied Research (US)Blind Allies (Latvia)Crobotz

Marta SmiLga

Marta SmiLga* & asterisk untitled** are projects of Liga Smirnova, a Riga based musician who lives for electronic music. Since early childhood her main interest has been music, though her deep passion for electronic music and sound synthesis established at the time she conducted an in-depth research of electroacoustic music while studying musicology at Latvian Academy of Music. As she is currently a product specialist at Erica Synths, the research of sound synthesis continues in even more practical manner. She is also one of the SHAPE platform 2019 artists, nominated by Skaņu Mežs festival. *Marta SmiLga is an experimental ambient music project, which is focused on synthesizing deep immersive cosmic soundscapes, using only electronic music instruments, mostly modular and keyboard synthesizers. **asterisk untitled is a heavenly noise music project, which celebrates beauty and completeness of an abundant sound spectrum, resulted from harsh synthetic noises arranged in raw rhythmic structures.


Q for Quintessence · Quintessence Podcast 24 / Lectromagnetique Location: Chernobyl, UkraineMusic genres: Electro, Acid Lectromagnetique dystopian soundscapes are reflection of the nature of radioactive Chernobyl. Poisoned by humanity, it still looks deceptively alive, but invisible acid flows easily cause side effects… Vinyl (past and future) releases @:Electro Music Coalition (Russia)Bass Agenda (United Kingdoom)Blind Allies (Latvia)Electronic Music Xpirience (Netherlands)Pulse Drift (Germany)In The dark Again (Germany)Electronic Leatherette (Latvia)Analog Concept (Russia)


Location: Pinsk, BelarusMusic genre: Techno Steady acid flow, heavy raw percussions, sine and square, grey or even dark, discordant. Vinyl & Digital (past and future) releases @:Blind Allies