Marta SmiLga* & asterisk untitled** are projects of Liga Smirnova, a Riga based musician who lives for electronic music. Since early childhood her main interest has been music, though her deep passion for electronic music and sound synthesis established at the time she conducted an in-depth research of electroacoustic music while studying musicology at Latvian Academy of Music. As she is currently a product specialist at Erica Synths, the research of sound synthesis continues in even more practical manner. She is also one of the SHAPE platform 2019 artists, nominated by Skaņu Mežs festival.
*Marta SmiLga is an experimental ambient music project, which is focused on synthesizing deep immersive cosmic soundscapes, using only electronic music instruments, mostly modular and keyboard synthesizers.
**asterisk untitled is a heavenly noise music project, which celebrates beauty and completeness of an abundant sound spectrum, resulted from harsh synthetic noises arranged in raw rhythmic structures.